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Officer and Trustee Elections

Dentists may nominate colleagues or themselves for the positions of WDA president-elect, vice president, and speaker of the house. Each serves for one year and the speaker’s term can be renewed indefinitely.

Submit candidates’ names by May 23, 2016 to the Nominating Committee (see box). Committee members will meet via a noon conference call on June 8th. It will present its slate of candidates to the WDA House of Delegates when it meets Nov 4-5, 2016 at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells. Nominations will also be accepted from the House floor at that time.

Nominees’ digital headshots and curriculum vitae should be sent to Lisa Chandre at lchandre@wda.org or faxed to 414-755-4105 by Aug. 1 for publication in the September WDA Insider blog and October WDA Journal.

Contact Executive Director Mark Paget at 800-234-4515 (toll-free, direct) / mpaget@wda.org or your regional Nominating Committee representative for detailed position descriptions or any questions about the WDA officer nominating process.

President-elect and vice president

The president-elect serves for one year before automatically advancing to the presidency. Duties include hosting Legislative Day and working with WDA staff and the Michigan Dental Association delegation chair to coordinate caucus meetings for the American Dental Association’s 9th District. The vice president also serves for one year.The president, president-elect and vice president work closely together to represent the dental profession in meetings with government officials and state legislators. These three officers support one another in serving as WDA spokespersons with the media and other organizations.

Speaker of the House
Working with staff, the speaker sets the WDA House of Delegates’ agenda. He or she presides over all House meetings, performing duties according to parliamentary procedure, and guiding the Reference Committee when necessary with resolution wording and procedures. He or she also serves as an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees.The Speaker of the House is elected for a one-year term that can be renewed indefinitely.Please contact Executive Director Mark Paget at 800-234-4515 (toll-free, direct) or mpaget@wda.org for detailed position descriptions.

Officer candidates

How to nominate

Individuals may nominate colleagues or themselves by submitting candidates’ names to the Nominating Committee:

Region 1

Dr. Jeremy Hoffman, (715) 443-2200, doctorwhodds@frontier.com

Region 2

Dr. Martin Williams, Chair, (920) 662-1600, marty@sierradentalgb.com

Region 3

Dr. Cheska Avery-Stafford, 847-662-6080 or dekelia@hotmail.com

Region 4

Dr. John Onderak, (608) 363-9400, johrak363@att.net

Region 5

Dr. Kendra Schaefer, (608) 222-6606, kendrasdmd@hotmail.com

Please direct questions about the nominating process to your regional representative or Executive Director Mark Paget at 800-234-4515 or mpaget@wda.org.

2016 trustee opportunities

The following WDA regional trustee terms expire at the 2016 House of Delegates. Current volunteers and renewal eligibility noted.

    • Northwest Region 1 – Dr. Jeff Nehring (Mercer) is completing second three-year term; and ineligible for re-election; three-year term available
    • Northeast Region 2 – Dr. Pete Hehli (Appleton) is completing second three-year term and ineligible for re-election; three-year term available
    • Greater Milwaukee Region 3 – Dr. Thomas Kielma (Milwaukee) is completing second three-year term and ineligible for re-election; three-year term available
    • Southeast Region 4 – Dr. Edward Chiera (Beloit) is completing first three-year term and eligible for re-election; wishes to be considered; three-year term available
    • Southwest Region 5 – Dr. Thomas Reid (Madison) is completing the final year of Dr. David Clemens second three-year term; wishes to be considered for a full three-year term; three-year term available

Trustee candidates

  • Northwest Region 1 – Dr. Jon Nelson (Superior) is running for his first three-year term. View curriculum vitae

Jon Nelson DDS_Reg 1 NorthernWI 2016 originaljpg

  • Northeast Region 2 – Dr. Tim Harper (Fond du Lac) is running for his first three-year term. View curriculum vitae



Reid Thomas 16


There also are multiple opportunities for dentists and dental hygienists to make things happen in their profession by serving on WDA committees.


Trustee elections

The Board of Trustees is the managing body of the association with responsibility for conducting all WDA business as outlined in the organization’s bylaws and as directed through House policy decisions. The Board also establishes interim policies essential to the management of the association or of an emergent nature between annual House meetings.

Voting for WDA trustees takes place in all regions in early August. Electronic balloting is used when there is only one declared candidate in a region. In contested elections, paper ballots are mailed to all regional members in good standing.

Nominations for five regional trusteeships (see box) are being accepted through April 1, 2016. Candidates should submit a headshot photo (digital preferred) and CV to Ms. Chandre.

ADA 9TH District Trustee

Dr. Gary Jeffers’s (MI) term as the ADA 9th District trustee will expire at the close of the 2017 ADA House of Delegates. In order to have our Wisconsin candidate duly elected and ready to immediately step in, our 2016 House of Delegates will need to vote on the candidates and send their selection to Michigan’s House of Delegates for ratification in the spring of 2017. Any questions about this position can be directed to Mr. Paget. Interested parties should submit CV’s and electronic headshots to Ms. Chandre by June 15, 2016.

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