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Thank you for the time you have shared and volunteered. You make an awesome difference in the lives of people.

-Janet of Fond du Lac

Everyone was so welcoming and kind! Very efficient system. You guys rock! How generous of you all to give your time!

-Kaye of Kewaskum

Very organized, kind helpful people. No one looking down on you for being in need of free treatment.

–Lynn of Adell

My deepest appreciation for all of the hard work and dedication to keep this wonderful program running year after year. It’s inspiring to see there are still some people left in this world that are not only self serving!

-Henry of Manitowoc

I think this is so awesome, the volunteers are very helpful, also to have dentist come and give their time is wonderful, so many have dental needs and no insurance for this or enough money! Never knew about this until this year! Many thanks,

-Diana of Fond du Lac

Thank you for providing shelter, chairs, food, water and bathrooms for the wait. Thank you for the dental care. Thank you to all the volunteers.

-Violet of Sparta, MI

You are lengthening my life because I realize my dental pain could be infection causing heart damage. Thank you so much brings me to tears just realizing how much money you are saving me that I don’t have and would not be able to afford care.

-Wendy of Jackson

Thank you again for the devoted time, long hours, of standing, kneeling, bending over, squinting, and saying “Does anyone need to use the bathroom?” Thank you for your patience and working as a team in all units. I am amazed how each year you all come together and pull off an event this large. Thank you for the compassion and kinds words to motivate individuals like me to keep a healthy smile. God bless WDA and volunteers!

-Julia of Wisconsin Rapids

I think this event is one of the best and most generous things to happen in WI. Much needed care for people that can’t get the services needed.

-Adam of Waupun

In a time when the working poor and working middle class are trying to survive on so little all you doctors and nurses and staff do something there that is the best care a very caring thing and just a wonderful job, I’ve seen in a long, long, long time.

-Ken of Madison

Thank you… you are all angels.

-Jeffrey of Fond du Lac

Thanks for reaching out to help people in need of dental services and assistance! It is a blessing to me in particular. May God bless your mission!

-Jean of Fond du Lac

I cannot say enough about the kindness, the education, and the positive non-judgmental service I received on Saturday. I was one of the blessed 30 to receive a root canal by Dr. Joe and if I knew where his practice was I would tell everyone to go see him. It went so fast and I could not believe it and NO PAIN!!! (I am a jumper too) He and his helper worked together like a smooth dance. The X-ray team was fun too. I had such an a bad tooth and tooth pain it was a new fitness program and NOW I have a real program being able to eat real food and chew, bend forward, walk on the glider with no pain and a SMILE!! Everyone from registration to the people who walked you out were the best!! May you continue to be blessed and as I grow in my life I will be donating to the MOM project and if you come to Milwaukee area I would love to volunteer.




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“It’s just a wonderful thing that the dental association takes two days a year and provides millions of dollars in care for people who have not had and could not get care.” State Sen. Luther Olsen (R-Ripon)

“Amazing the amount of work they do here and for all ages…I think there’s opportunity for our state government to improve reimbursement rates within the dental community that could make dental care more available and more affordable for individuals in the state..it’s also great to see that the dental community is willing to work with state government in trying to come up with better solutions.” State Rep. Mike Rohrkaste (R-Neenah)

“There’s a lot of need for dental care…and a need to address the issue more comprehensively around the state. A lot of great people willing to help out…I wanted to see it for myself and help out and do what I can.” State Rep. Mark Spreitzer (D-Beloit)

“There is so much more than just simple cleanings…it’s really filling a need that people have…It’s really been amazing to see just the amount of people coming here for services and the amount of people volunteering their time…” – State Rep. Amanda Stuck (D-Appleton)