2015 WDA Foundation Calendar Raffle

On the first workday of each month, January through December 2015, one ticket will be drawn at the West Allis office of the WDA Foundation. The lucky ticket holder who is drawn will win a prize of $100. Additionally, on June 10 and Dec.10, 2015 there will be bonus drawings. One ticket will be selected on each date and that lucky winner will receive a special $400 prize to help you pay for summer vacation fun or holiday gifts!

Congratulations to:

January 2015 winner – Dr. Frank Galka (Milwaukee)

February 2015 winner – Dr. Julio Rodriguez (Brodhead)

March 2015 winner – Dr. Mike Gregor (Mellen)

April 2015 winner – Dr. Richard Lofthouse (Fennimore)

May 2015 winner – Dr. Jon Nelson (Superior)

June 2015 winner – Jack Edwards

BONUS Drawing – June 2015 – Kris Phillipson

July 2015 – Steve Segerstrom

August 2015 – Sue Durtsche

September 2015 – Andy Lehmkuhl (The WDA Foundation thanks Mr. Lehmkuhl who donated his prize to the WDA Foundation on behalf of his company, Edge Advisors)

October 2015 – Mark Paget

November 2015 – Dr. Russ Dunkel (Greenfield)

December 2015 winner – Dr. Tom Kielma (Milwaukee)

BONUS Drawing – December 2015 – Dr. Michael Kopecky (West Bend)

All Proceeds benefit the charitable programs of the WDA Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Charitable programs include:

  • Dentists Concerned for Dentists
  • Donated Dental Services
  • Mission of Mercy
  • Grant Program
  • Scholarship Program
  • The Relief Fund

Raffle License: R0014044A-10011