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Increasing access to dental care for Wisconsin’s Medicaid enrollees

The WDA believes oral health is essential to quality of life and an integral component to overall health. The WDA also believes the state has a responsibility to proactively partner with the dental community to provide access to oral health care for those residents who qualify for the state’s Medicaid program. This includes setting up a program that attracts enough dental providers, so individuals on MA will seek and obtain dental care services at a rate similar to the rest of the population.

Patient access to records

The WDA believes it is in the public’s best interest to make sure all owners of dental practices, regardless of whether or not they are dentists, comply with state laws relating to the practice of dentistry.

Network rental

Across the country, and in Wisconsin in particular, dentists are increasingly finding that their contracts with dental benefit companies are being rented to other companies with whom they never signed a contract.  The process is known as “network rental” or “silent PPO”.