WDASupplySource.com is an online platform providing Wisconsin Dental Association members exclusive pricing on 65,000+ dental products and small equipment items.

Over 380 member accounts have been established since its debut in February. We are not aware of even one, small (1-2 doctor) practice that has not saved money on supplies. Many accounts have saved over 20 percent on the same exact brands that you have been ordering from the big suppliers for years. This site strives to be the “Amazon” of dental supplies.

Products are ordered online, direct shipped from the manufacturer or supplier for free and arrive to you in 3-5 business days. Dentists have paid huge mark ups to the major suppliers for years; now is the chance for you to compare and save. In addition to the savings to you, WDASupplySource.com pays a 2 percent royalty back to the WDA to provide non-dues revenue to help offset dues.

Visit WDASupplySource.com and compare to what you are paying now. Just open the homepage, put in your American Dental Association number and set a password; you are ready to order. If you want, and I would encourage to do so, send your current invoice to 877-372-6433and WDA Supply Source will do a price comparison for you to show you how much you’ll save.

Debuting in 2019, the WDA is adding WDA Services Solutions and WDA Equipment Solutions to its offerings. Through Preferred Dental Services, WDA members will receive a discounted equipment service hourly rate and flat-rate major equipment sales pricing like never offered before. Unfortunately, the same way that different practices pay various prices for the same exact dental products from national suppliers, equipment service rates and equipment sales mark-ups vary even greater. This new partnership will provide statewide-independent service tech coverage for entire office dental equipment service and maintenance.

The WDA understands that every practice is dependent on service technicians. When a compressor or sterilizer goes down, you can’t treat patients. We also know that most of you hire your service through your dental supplier. The WDA has now negotiated a fair priced alternative for you that will make you less dependent on the big suppliers.

The savings you can achieve from WDASupplySource.com, WDA Service Solutions and WDA Equipment Solutions can pay for your tripartite dues multiple times over.

With these new additions, the WDA can now impact nearly all aspects of your practice: supplies, equipment servicing, equipment sales, information technology services, e-services and data management, dental malpractice insurance, business and personal insurances, practice transitions services, staff recruitment as well as practice management resources through the ADA Center for Practice Success. I need your help to get the word out. We want to help you be successful, profitable and provide high quality care to your patients.