Silver diamine fluoride is covered under ForwardHealth

Freeze! You’re under ARREST! That’s what I tell tooth decay whenever I see it and usually, I am able to put it away for good! However sometimes, I have to leave a little decay behind. It makes me feel uncomfortable knowing that there is STILL decay under my beautiful restorations. I wish there was something… Continue Reading Silver diamine fluoride is covered under ForwardHealth

Maternal oral health for baby

Maternal oral health affects a baby both before and after birth. Here’s how: Maternal periodontal disease is associated with preterm deliveries and low birth weight babies. Three periodontal disease bacteria have been found in amniotic fluid of women who delivered preterm. These bacteria include F. Nucleatum, P. Gingivalis and Bergeyella species. It’s thought that 18… Continue Reading Maternal oral health for baby

Progressive Condylar Resorption

Progressive condylar resorption (PCR) is a pathological process that primarily afflicts early through late adolescent females, but can present in males as well. Previously identified by the term idiopathic condylar resorption, it is a degenerative condition that strikes the condylar head with arthritic-like presentation and leads to pain and dysfunction. It is crucial to identify… Continue Reading Progressive Condylar Resorption