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Cybersecurity Checklist: You Are the First Line of Defense!

Train employees to become the first line of defense in the network security risk prevention infrastructure. First, remind them to physically protect devices by not leaving them unattended or in unsecure areas, including locked cars. Focus training on identifying the types of malware they may encounter and how to escalate attempts to the IT professionals… Continue Reading Cybersecurity Checklist: You Are the First Line of Defense!

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Conducting an employment reference check

Policy Description References provide valuable information about the candidate’s qualifications and work experience. References should be checked in every search. The department of human resources and hiring supervisor should determine who will contact the references and when the search will be completed. Normally, references are checked near the completion of the search process when the… Continue Reading Conducting an employment reference check

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Save time and money on payroll

The Wisconsin Dental Association has named OnPay as the exclusively endorsed payroll solution for WDA members. OnPay provides a full-service payroll solution along with support via chat, email and phone. The platform integrates with accounting, timekeeping and attendance software, and was recognized as a top payroll solution by PC Magazine and Entrepreneur. With the endorsement,… Continue Reading Save time and money on payroll

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Human Resource Services

Professional Insurance Programs offers a sponsored client service—ThinkHR. This value-added benefit helps those involved with employee issues save  time and money. ThinkHR is available upon request for clients of Professional Insurance Programs. ThinkHR Features: More than 200 online training courses that ensure compliance, reduce risk and drive employee engagement. There is also an intuitive admin… Continue Reading Human Resource Services

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Unemployment poster update

The Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance Division recently updated its Notice to Employees About Applying for Wisconsin Unemployment Benefits poster. All employers covered by Wisconsin’s unemployment insurance (UI) law are required to prominently display this poster where employees will easily see it (for example, on bulletin boards and near time clocks). If employers do not have a… Continue Reading Unemployment poster update

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Tips for eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace

Prevention is the best tool to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) encourages employers to take certain steps necessary to prevent and correct workplace harassment. What is Sexual Harassment? Sexual harassment is a form of unlawful sex discrimination that can occur in a variety of circumstances. Unwelcome sexual… Continue Reading Tips for eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace

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