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Editor AND officer

For most of us, the word “tripartite” entered our vocabulary while in dental school. It is generally not a word used in casual conversations, but is part of organized dentistry’s vernacular. All states participate in the American Dental Association’s tripartite structure. However, there are governance variations among the state and component societies. The position of… Continue Reading Editor AND officer

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Call for CODA site visitor nominations

The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) is seeking nominations for upcoming site visitor vacancies by Dec. 1, 2018. CODA site visitors should have broad backgrounds in dental or dental-related education, as well as specific expertise in one of the areas listed below. Predoctoral Dental Education Basic sciences Clinical sciences Curriculum Finance National licensure Predoctoral chair… Continue Reading Call for CODA site visitor nominations

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2018-2019 WDA officer slate

Dentists may nominate colleagues or themselves for the positions of Wisconsin Dental Association president-elect, vice president and speaker of the house. Each serves for one year and the speaker’s term can be renewed indefinitely. The committee will present its slate of candidates to the WDA House of Delegates when it meets Nov. 8 – 9,… Continue Reading 2018-2019 WDA officer slate

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WDA trustee candidate lineup

Northwest Region 1 Dr. Rick Mueller(Marshfield) |  curriculum vitae 1.Why would you like to be a Wisconsin Dental Association trustee? Three years ago when I was elected as a trustee for central Wisconsin, it was my goal to keep our component members involved and engaged through me at the state level. Working with our component… Continue Reading WDA trustee candidate lineup

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