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WDA means ROI

Bad investments are everywhere. Nine-unit bridges. Dental therapy programs. Wiring money to Nigerian princes. Investment decisions require an understanding of “return on investment.”  What can be gained (or lost) relative to the amount of money invested? Dentists and patients have return on investment (ROI) conversations every day when discussing treatment options. I know my patients appreciate a doctor who’s mindful… Continue Reading WDA means ROI

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Checklist: Informed Consent

Informed consent is a pillar of patient engagement and patient-centered care. It helps patients gain a full understanding of the benefits and risks of proposed procedures and treatments, thus allowing them to make informed decisions about their care. Physicians, dentists and other health care professionals should engage in thorough informed consent discussions with patients as… Continue Reading Checklist: Informed Consent

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ADA TV is now available

ADA TV is a user-friendly, high-tech entertainment, education and marketing system for your waiting room. A small computer stick plugs into any flat-screen TV and connects to your Wi-Fi network to store, stream and receive broadcast presentations configured for your practice. Educate your patients with the full ADA Toothflix 2.0 library Promote your practice with… Continue Reading ADA TV is now available

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WDA Supply Source, WDA Service Solutions and WDA Equipment Solutions pay for your membership

WDASupplySource.com is an online platform providing Wisconsin Dental Association members exclusive pricing on 65,000+ dental products and small equipment items. Over 380 member accounts have been established since its debut in February. We are not aware of even one, small (1-2 doctor) practice that has not saved money on supplies. Many accounts have saved over… Continue Reading WDA Supply Source, WDA Service Solutions and WDA Equipment Solutions pay for your membership

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