Member testimonials

It is important for dentists to be united in order to have the most influential advocacy group for patients’ oral health care needs. As was recently seen with the success of the mobile dentistry bill and the need for non-dentist dental business owners to be held accountable, the WDA has the patients’ best interest in mind rather than trying to maximize profits as some businesses would prefer. I also enjoy the benefits of disability and malpractice insurance as well as CE courses. Dr. Matt McDonald, Janesville

We are better together! Our patients, teams and community are better served when our profession is working collaboratively towards improving dental health.  – Dr. Tamim Sifri, Madison

Organized dentistry is important. Not only this, but it’s a great way to make connections. The WDA has helped me find great friends and mentors to help me improve my skills, so that I may improve the quality of life to my patients. The WDA also gives its members the drive to help further the dental profession for generations to come by promoting evidence based dentistry. – Habib Rahemtulla, Kenosha

I love being a part of organized dentistry so that I can stay updated on new topics in research and to hear about legislative decisions impacting my field. All the CE courses offered can help me stay up to date even after I finish school. Additionally, all the resources that I have access to can help me network and gain a better understanding of concepts beyond the scope of dental school. Anne Lakayil, Milwaukee

Being a WDA member serves as an enriching opportunity to network and engage with peers who are dedicated to promoting important topics in dentistry. For the aforementioned reasons, I am honored to be a WDA member because it further strengthens my interest in becoming an advocate for organized dentistry, and it fosters my interest in dental policies that reducing oral health barriers. No other organization in Wisconsin can do this! Christopher Alexander, Milwaukee

I am a Wisconsin native and resident and it is very important that we continue to strive for dental excellence in this state. – Connor Peck, Milwaukee

WDA represented my interests and concerns for my active 30 years of practicing dentistry in Sparta Wisconsin. I am retired now and continue to be a member knowing my dues will continue to inform the public of advancements in dentistry and promote the oral health care of Wisconsin residents. Dr. Thomas Brown, Sparta

The WDA provides many professional development opportunities for young dentists/student dentists and I think it is important that student voices are present in organized dentistry! – Ryan C. Dodge, Milwaukee

It makes me feel connected to my colleagues in the profession as well as networked with those across the country. Dr. Eric Childs, Kaukauna

I am passionate about the profession of dentistry and improving the lives of my patients. No organization does a more effective job of advocating than the tripartite structure of the ADA, WDA, and its component societies. As a member of the WDA, I know that I am making that difference. Dr. Andrew Welles, Madison

Most of us chose to be dentists because we enjoy independence and autonomy. This, however, does not mean that we do not enjoy being a part of something greater than ourselves. Individual dentists come together in WDA to make a difference for our patients legislatively and to learn from one another to become better doctors and better citizens. I love the comfort of knowing that while I am a single dental provide, I am never alone. WDA is always there for me and for my patients. Dr. Julia B. Stacey, Menomonee Falls

The WDA is proactive to support the needs of dentists, patients and the public. Regulations, legislation changes, and the business needs of each dentist has a greater chance to be supported is we approach all of the decision makers as an organized group. The WDA has a great reputations doing this. The government regulatory bodies, legislators, governor and the public have been educated for decades though the media and on a one to one basis. The public has a better understanding of researched based treatments and quality care. Our media campaigns have been the first and the best among all 50 states.The goal is to protect the public and support our dental profession. Social opportunities, leadership skills along with quality continuing education are a huge benefit to supporting the Vision and Mission of the WDA.   We are fortunate to have had this in my 38 years of practice. Dr. James J. Conrardy, Green Bay