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Tooth Tactics: Tap into Own Your Smile campaign with low-cost, practice-building promotions


New American Dental Association Health Policy Resources Center research shows national dental care expenditures reached $111 billion in 2012, roughly the same as the previous year when adjusted for inflation. When population growth is taken into account, dental spending has been flat since 2008.

Overall U.S. health spending during the past four years grew at the slowest rates ever recorded in the 53-year history of the National Health Expenditure Accounts, reflecting the lagged effects of the recent economic recession.

Dental spending, however, began to slow in the early 2000s before the onset of the recession and it is not rebounding. You’ve completed your Find A Dentist profile on to help your practice stand out to prospective patients, but now what?

Fight back by tapping into the Wisconsin Dental Association’s new statewide Own Your Smile oral health literacy and public awareness campaign with Tooth Tactics – a new quarterly, business of dentistry, guerrilla marketing feature aimed at helping members
strengthen and build their practices.

“Guerrilla marketing focuses on low cost, creative strategies…basic requirements are time, energy and imagination and not money. Profits, not sales, are the primary measure of success,” according to Wikipedia, the free, online encyclopedia.

Three Tooth Tactics will be published every quarter in the WDA Journal, on in the Business of Dentistry section and on the association’s LinkedIn profile.

Implement one new Tooth Tactic a month:

  • Strengthen patient relationships by noting personal info in patient charts (e.g., names and number of children/grandchildren, hobbies, vacations planned, interests, favorite sports teams) and reviewing with staff each day before patients arrive.
  • Build a positive Internet presence by registering your business for FREE on Google Places for Business. Fill in the information and add pictures to bump up your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking (WDA has its own Google Places account).
  • Position your practice in the community by scheduling one 15-minute presentation to an outside group (e.g., senior center, parenting, employee wellness). Leave behind toothbrushes with your practice name/phone number. Repurpose information from WDA. org (Your Oral Health) and ADA’s

Contact WDA Communications Coordinator Emily Bultman (414-755-4110 or to borrow presentation tools.

Have a Tooth Tactic to share with your colleagues? Join the professional discussion on LinkedIn or send to WDA Director of Communications and Marketing Carol Weber at

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