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WDAJ-Now 2.0 app

Stay current on all things dental in Wisconsin with the renovated WDAJ-Now 2.0 app.

Created by the Wisconsin Dental Association, this free app is available to everyone, including all Wisconsin dentists, dental hygienists, other dental team members and dental and dental hygiene students.

Beginning in 2017, the WDAJ-Now 2.0 app gives you access to a semiweekly news blast with need-to-know information for dental professionals right at your fingertips.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • WDA component and regional updates
  • Legislative happenings
  • Continuing education details
  • Regulatory reminders

Click on the following stores to download now:

Google Play

Questions or problems downloading the WDAJ-Now 2.0 app?

Contact Christine Piela at or 414-755-4110 for assistance.

WDAJ-Now 2.0 contest is now closed


  • 3rd place: $25 Kohl’s gift card
    • Dr. Meghan O’Brien
  • 2nd place: $50 Kohl’s gift cards
    • Dr. Mary Quinn
  • Grand Prize (Dental hygienist): 1 free Christensen CE registration
    • Ms. Beth Hettwer
  • Grand Prize (Dentist): 1 free Christensen CE registration
    • Dr. Christopher Greenwaldt


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