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Embed and share WDA videos

Looking to post the Wisconsin Dental Association Own Your Smile TV spots on your website and help spread the message of this oral health literacy and public awareness campaign?

All WDA YouTube videos can be embedded on a dental practice website or shared on practice’s social media platforms (e.g., Facebook or Twitter). Simply visit the WDA YouTube channel at and browse the
video archive to select the one(s) you want to embed or share.

Embedding video

Underneath each video, options include “Add to” and “Share”. Click the “Share” link and then the “Embed” link. You will see HTML code in the expanded box which can be pasted into your website after logging into the backend.

Customizing video size

Another nice feature that YouTube provides is located below the embed code on the video page. Here you can change the video size. Four sizes and a custom option are
offered. Once selected, the HTML code in the “Embed” box is automatically updated so you can copy and paste it into your web page. Contact your website administrator with the specific HTML code if you are unable to edit your website.

Sharing on social media

Consider sharing a WDA video on your social networking profile pages or walls, blogs or other pages. Follow the same procedure and click the “Share” button. Click the social media icon you want to share the video through such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Adding video to your website or social media channels is not only simple, it’s versatile and helps build traffic on your practice website and social media platforms while spreading important oral health information.

Dental Professionals