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The WDA is excited to announce WDA Service Solutions, a new endorsed program that empowers member dentists to choose a professional and independent equipment service solution separate from their supply purchases. A statewide network of qualified technicians provides WDA members prompt, professional equipment servicing at a flat hourly rate of $150 (billed in 15-minute increments after the first hour) with no additional trip charges or mileage fees. Call toll-free 888-213-7300 with service requests.

WDA Executive Director Mark Paget welcomes members’ questions and comments about the new WDA Service Solutions program ([email protected] or 414-755-4100).


I am located in rural Wisconsin. Can I call this service number?

Yes! WDA Service Solutions has a statewide network of experienced technicians. Call toll-free 888-213-7300 to schedule a service visit or maintenance evaluation. Your patronage will help ensure the WDA Service Solutions’ technician network remains strong and widely available.

Can the service technician handle equipment warranties and repairs?

Yes. Our technician network is capable of handling almost any type of repair or warranty issue. In the rare instance that we cannot offer warranty service, the WDA Service Solutions support team will guide you through your repair options; we will always strive to do what’s best for you and your practice. Certain equipment items may require dealer involvement, but we can handle the majority of your equipment needs with quality original equipment manufacturer parts.

Are the service technicians employed by the WDA?

No. WDA Service Solutions is a network of independent service providers who will focus on your equipment needs and are not beholding to other companies’ or organizations’ priorities. These independent dental technicians work together to provide prompt, courteous and professional equipment support. Each participating independent technician is prequalified and agrees to respond, operate and invoice according to WDA Service Solutions parameters. Requests for specific participating service technicians is honored whenever possible.

If I have an equipment question, can I talk directly with a service technician?

Yes. Call toll-free 888-213-7300 between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday to speak with an experienced technician who will provide you with technical support and assistance over the phone.

How do I request a service visit?

Call toll-free 888-213-7300 between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday with your service requests. A qualified technician in your area will be scheduled based upon the urgency and specifics of your request.

What is the hourly service rate?

The hourly service rate is $150 per hour with a minimum charge of $150. There are no additional trip charges or mileage fees. After the initial hour, time is billed in quarter hour (15-minute) increments.

What makes WDA Service Solutions different from other service providers?

WDA Service Solutions utilizes a statewide network of qualified technicians whose primary commitment is to provide dental offices with prompt, professional service to effectively take care of their equipment needs.  Additionally, enjoy an exclusive proactive maintenance program to help reduce emergency service calls and costly downtime.

What is WDA Service Solutions and how does it benefit my dental office?

WDA Service Solutions is a new, endorsed program designed to give dental offices the freedom to choose a professional and independent equipment service solution separate from supply purchases. You are welcome to call the equipment technician of your choice, but this program empowers Wisconsin Dental Association member dentists with purchasing options.

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“Preferred Dental Services, the power behind the new WDA Service Solutions, has always been my “go to” source when it comes to servicing my existing dental equipment. When I opened my new practice in 2015, PDS was instrumental in providing expertise in design and acquisition of new equipment as well as servicing the existing older equipment.”

Dr. Chris Hansen (Two Rivers)



“PDS gives you peace of mind that comes with their service so you can do the thing you enjoy the most, practice dentistry. You will have the assurance of knowing you can provide your patients a wonderful dental experience in a comfortable atmosphere. Your staff will have the assurance of knowing that they will have a service team who will listen to them and help them get their repair done quickly and address any future concerns they have to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.”

Dr. Jeff Just (Manitowoc)

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