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Who is a new dentist?

A new dentist is a dentist who graduated from dental school fewer than 10 years ago.


Dues categories

Membership is based on the calendar year. The balance of the year you graduate is free upon completion of a tripartite membership application.  After that, your Wisconsin Dental Association dues are:

  • Year 1 – $0
  • Year 2 –  25 percent of full active dues
  • Year 3 – 50 percent  of full active dues
  • Year 4 – 75 percent of full active dues
  • Year 5 and thereafter – 100 percent  of full active dues

Continuing your education? Join the American Dental Association  directly for only $30 per year as a graduate student member. The reduced dues program goes “on hold” until you enter practice.


New dentist events



Other programs and information

Mentor Program

The Mentor Program is organized by Wisconsin Dental Association, Marquette University School of Dentistry and the Pierre Fauchard Academy to help guide students in their journey into dentistry. Learn more at

ADA New Dentist News

The ADA New Dentist News is a quarterly publication, distributed as an insert in the ADA News.

Read the latest issue at

Starting a New Dental Practice

Visit for the checklist

New Dentist Now

New Dentist blog with posts from ADA New Dentist Committee featuring resources, news and insights on the dental profession and beyond.

  • “My New Dentist Life” – For the next 12 months, Dr. Emily Hobart, a 2015 graduate of Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine, will candidly share her stories and experiences — the highs and lows — of her first year as a new dentist in the latest New Dentist Now blog series called “My New Dentist Life.” Her first post talks about the whirlwind of finding and interviewing for a job, the licensure process, graduation and relocating across the country to South Carolina to start her new job. Tell your dental student and new dentist members about “My New Dentist Life” at


Job opportunities

Review and learn about job opportunities in the WDA classifieds online at or in the monthly WDA Journal.

Looking to place a classified ad? Visit



Contact WDA Director of Membership and Communications Carol Weber at 414-755-4108 or [email protected] to learn more about new dentist opportunities and questions.


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