So you are ready to expand, but not sure how to find the perfect associate or partner?


As you can imagine, dental practices throughout the country are competing on a daily basis to attract and hire the industry’s top talent. Some corporations hand out nice signing bonuses and others hire based on similar philosophy of care – each taking a slightly different approach.

Take your time and be clear about who you’re looking for and what it is that separates your practice from the others in the area. Newer graduates often seek mentorship, professional growth opportunities, increased salary over time and a constructive work environment. If you are confident that you stand behind all of those key elements, you are one step closer to hiring your next associate.

Consider all of your selling points and be prepared to talk freely about each one. Be honest about your office and its shortfalls. Is your equipment in good condition and technology up to date? Is your schedule always full and what type of insurance do you currently accept? What is your true philosophy of care and what could they expect on any given day?

Create a reasonable and firm timeline for the CV review process, interviews and anticipated start date before you begin your search. Having a fair contract and compensation package prepared could also make or break a great deal. Having these documents on hand will be vital in making a polished offer.


How to attract the right candidates?

  1. Attend your Local Dental Society meetings and events.
  2. Join the WDA – Marquette University School of Dentistry – Pierre Fauchard Academy Mentor Program to network with colleagues and dental students.
  3. Consider purchasing an ad on WDA’s CareerForward job board.
  4. Plan to attend the state’s largest dental meeting each year to help get your name out there, all the while earning CE credits!
  5. Explore ADA Practice Transitions to find the right connection.