The WDA Practice Transitions Resource Toolbox can help you build a team of business advisers to assist with important aspects of your transition. Click on the categories below to explore your options. Additional resources will be added over time.

Interested in being a part of the practice transitions toolbox? Contact Candice Wegner at [email protected].




Since 1977, PBHS has provided practice marketing services to the dental community and is now the proven and endorsed leader in practice branding, website design and online search engine marketing. Services range from custom logo design, printed materials to website development and concierge-based SEO/social media campaigns.


Business and Personal Insurance

Professional Insurance Programs

Wisconsin dentists’ source for professional and personal advice, solutions and resources for 30+ years.


Dental Equipment

 WDA Equipment Solutions

Effectively leverages the association’s buying power to offer the best prices on quality brand-name equipment. Save money regardless of practice size. Contact us at [email protected]


 WDA Service Solutions

A statewide network of qualified technicians provides WDA members prompt, professional equipment servicing at a flat rate of $150/hr (billed in 15-minute increments after the first hour). No additional trip charges or mileage fees.



Dental Health Products, Inc.

DHPI is the largest, family-owned dental supply and equipment dealer in Wisconsin. Enjoy next-day delivery, access to over 550 manufacturers’ goods, large and small equipment offers, and partnership that can help you grow your practice. We offer competitive discounts on supplies and process all free goods and rebates on your behalf.


Dental Supplies


 WDA Supply Source

Member dentists can save 20% or more on 65,000+ brand-name dental supplies, including 3M. Free shipping. Manufacturer warranties. Convenient online shopping. Contact Mark Paget (414-755-4100 or [email protected]) with questions.



Dental Health Products, Inc.

DHPI is the largest, family-owned dental supply and equipment dealer in Wisconsin. Enjoy next-day delivery, access to over 550 manufacturers’ goods, large and small equipment offers, and partnership that can help you grow your practice. We offer competitive discounts on supplies and process all free goods and rebates on your behalf. Contact us today for a quote!


Financial Services


Best Card

Best Card provides credit card processing solutions for credit card payments processed in person, online, and over the telephone. Members can submit their most recent credit card processing statement to get a free analysis from Best Card on how much they might be able to save by switching to Best Card.




The CareCredit credit card, with convenient special financing options for dental care, gives your patients one less reason to delay getting a healthy and beautiful smile. More than 1000,000 enrolled dental teams accept CareCredit, and more than 21 million accounts have been opened since CareCredit began helping patients to get the care they need and want.


Transworld Systems Inc.

Transworld Systems Inc. is the nation’s leader for helping more than 12,000 dental practices improve their accounts receivable process. From contacting patients diplomatically in the name of the practice using our innovative Accelerator program, to pre-collection all the way to full collection and legal action, Transworld has the level of intensity that suits your practice. Our new Dental Collect program seamlessly interfaces with the majority of Practice Management Software companies and helps identify past-due patient balances in seconds.


US Bank - All of Us Serving You

ADA® Preferred Rewards Visa® Card

Sign up for best-in-class rewards and enhanced customer service. You can redeem your rewards for unique travel, dining and entertainment. Current ADA World MasterCard members will automatically receive the new ADA Visa Card in the mail.


Human Resources




The advanced HR knowledge solutions platform designed to deliver actionable advice and tools that enable growth and reduce risk. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our professionals are the best in the business.





Full-service payroll and award-winning support. Save 50% or more compared to other payroll services. You still have time to make the change to OnPay. Take advantage of significant savings over most other payroll processing options and get the first month FREE!




BMO Harris


When you’re acquiring a dental practice or expanding a current one, you have to make a number of important financial decisions. BMO Harris Bank understands the dental industry and will work with you to find solutions to help your practice succeed and operate more efficiently. Special member pricing with .5 rate reduction.



Practice Management

SVA Dental Services


With over 45 years of experience in providing services to dental practices, our dental consulting professionals have deep industry expertise. We have a dedicated team of professionals who understand the complex business environment of the dental industry and the diverse business and personal needs of practitioners. We provide a customized approach to your specific business needs and offer a full suite of services.


Stoneprism Software


Our practice management tool for your in-house membership program is simple, efficient and automated. It will manage your new or existing program effectively while allowing exponential growth of your practice. Our purpose-built, cloud-based platform is like no other and we offer training, support and continued mentorship to help you help more patients. Contact Stoneprism to grow your practice today!


Practice Valuation

The Tascon Group Consulting


You Get: 1) Fair market valuation. 2) Purchase model valuation for price negotiations. 3) Stock/equity valuation to determine partnership buy/sell values. 4) Estimate of owner post-sale proceeds. 5) Estimate of Buyer’s pretax annual income during and after debt-service payments. 6) PDF files for distribution. $2,900. 608.827.6349


SVA Dental Services

Arriving at a practice valuation can be complex and, in many cases, your dental practice is often the most valuable asset you own. Anyone can render an opinion, but our dental valuation experts understand dental operations as well as intangible variables that add to the complexity of a practice valuation—expertise that can only be gained through years of experience.



SVA Dental Staffing Solutions


SVA Dental Recruitment and Placement Solutions has the experience, expertise, and deep dental network to take the recruitment task off your plate allowing you to focus on what you do best, providing excellent dental care to your patients. We have a proven personalized process to match candidates to your practice. Our collaborative approach nets the results your practice requires.



CareerForward Job Board


Search for your next career opportunity through the CareerForward job board. Advertise opportunities for dentists, hygienists, lab technicians and dental assistants; options to box, add a logo, post anonymously or purchase an “urgent” banner.


Complete Dental Staffing, Inc.



With our vibrant, dependable staff and solution-oriented focus, we tailor our approach to be your premier dental staffing provider. Our team focuses on placing trusted providers and registered dental hygienists, who care for your patients. We provide placement services for short term, long term and permanent needs.



Wealth Management

SVA Financial Group


SVA Financial Group specializes in guiding dental professionals with a comprehensive approach toward planning their financial future as early as possible in their working careers. Lifetime earnings and savings for dentists tend to be compressed over a shorter time period due to significant debt and extended training requirements. We can help you develop a customized financial plan that meets your goals.