The following are resources for dental patients who are on medical assistance, have no dental insurance or are otherwise unable to afford needed dental care.

Low-cost dental clinics

As a public service, the WDA periodically tracks clinics throughout the state that provide dental services to low-income, uninsured individuals.

Please note this list is not comprehensive and is the most current information the WDA has available. The WDA is not responsible for or involved in setting rates at these clinics.

In addition, visit the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research website for other ways to find low-cost dental care.

Donated Dental Services program

The WDA Foundation’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program serves people who are unable to afford needed dental care because of a limited income that is clearly linked to a permanent disability, chronic illness or advanced age (65 and older).

All information pertaining to an individual’s need is based on a completed application and phone interview done by a referral coordinator.

Finding dentists who accept medical assistance (i.e., Medicaid, BadgerCare)

The Medicaid, BadgerCare and Title 19 programs are run and operated by the state of Wisconsin. As such, the WDA does not maintain a list of participating dentists.

To find dentists in your area who accept state insurance, call the toll-free Medicaid Recipient Hot Line at 800-362-3002.

If you continue to experience difficulty finding a dentist, share your concerns with your legislators.