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  WDA Foundation Mission of Mercy  
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2011 Mission of Mercy announced


Unbelievable - the third annual Wisconsin Dental Association and WDA Foundation Mission of Mercy event is only about five months away! Again, many thanks to everyone who helped make our first two MOM events in La Crosse and Sheboygan happen. (Weren’t able to attend? Visit to see what you missed.)

This year’s event will be at the Greenheck Field House in Weston (near Wausau) June 23 – 26.

As in the past, set up will occur on Thursday, treatment on Friday and Saturday and tear down will be completed on Sunday.

We had 2,038 patient visits and provided more than $890,000 in dental treatment in 2010. We hope to meet the 2,000 patient visits goal again in 2011 and increase the value of care provided to $1 million.

These are lofty goals, but we can meet them with your help. As we improve efficiency each year, we hope to provide more care – whether it's seeing more patients or increasing treatment to each patient. Either way, we provide a wonderful service to those who need us. 


MOM leadership

  Dollar sign

The chair of our first two MOM events, Dr. Gene Shoemaker (Waukesha), recently assumed the role of WDA president.

Working with him as vice chair was Dr. Jim Morgenroth (Brookfield) who has been appointed chair for the 2011 MOM event. He is very excited to assume his new role. 

Dr. Tom Raimann (Milwaukee) is serving as this year's vice chair and Dr. Julie Fox (Wausau) is the local chair. 

Click here for a complete list of state and local committee members. 


Volunteer registration


Volunteer dentists, hygienists, assistants, lab technicians, office personnel and lay people are all needed for a successful event.

As in the past, each day will be divided into two half-day shifts. When you register online you will be asked to select which shift(s) you would like to work. You are committing to work what you select, so only choose those shift(s) you want to work.

This year we are going to try allowing volunteers to select their specific assignments. If you don’t see a particular job listed for a shift, that means there isn’t a slot available and you won’t be able to sign up for that area. You will be given the option to be put on a waiting list; however, the only way to guarantee you will have a slot is to select one that is listed at the time you register.   

Please note every volunteer must register individually. Dentists and dental assistants who plan to work together should both complete a registration form and both should indicate who they are working with.  If a dentist is working with more than one assistant, please be sure to list all assistants’ names on the dentist’s registration form and have all the assistants complete a registration form. 

Registration will open on or about March 18. An e-mail will be sent to you when registration has opened.


Preceptors needed


Delivery of care positions will be assigned to dental professionals first. Any remaining openings at the end of the registration period will be assigned to students entering their fourth year providing there is a sufficient number of approved supervisors.

If you are a formal preceptor through Marquette University School of Dentistry and would like to help provide supervision in this setting, please contact Lani Becker at the WDA at 414-755-4114 or

Preceptors will not provide direct patient care. 



  Dollar sign

Each year we are so very appreciative of all our donors – whether contributing $10 or $50,000 we appreciate them all. Every dollar received goes toward the event, it does not go toward any administrative fees.

Visit for a complete list of our 2010 donors.

Goal thermometerThis year's anticipated expenses will be approximately $160,000. This includes expenses related to patient care (e.g., supplies and equipment rental) as well as general supplies, patient and volunteer meals and pharmaceuticals for after-care.

Through grants, corporate donations, in-kind contributions and individual donations, we've already received about one-third of the funding needed for this year's event. Our sincere thanks to those who have already made a donation for 2011:

  • American Orthodontics
  • Judd S. Alexander Foundation Inc.
  • Lani and Gary Becker
  • Mara Brooks in memory of Chris Raimann
  • Peter & Margaret Christianson in memory of Dr. Chester Gjertson
  • Virenda and Jewel Dhuru
  • Dudley Foundation
  • Dr. Tim and Sue Durtsche
  • Staff of Dr. Tim and Sue Durtsche in honor of Tim and Sue
  • Mary Dvorak in honor of Drs. Dan Gholson, Daniel Ellenz and Kevin Cook
  • Lou and Joanne Horn Family Fund in honor of Paul and Becky Batley
  • La Crosse Public Library - Sunshine Club
  • Marinette Oconto Dental Society
  • Dr. Jim Morgenroth
  • Debora and David Olson
  • Pierre Fauchard Academy
  • Dr. Tom Raimann in memory of Chris Raimann
  • Unity Health Insurance
  • WDA Foundation

We also have pledges from Delta Dental of Wisconsin, Henry Schein Dental, Marathon County and the Caroline S. Mark Legacy Fund of the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin.

Donations are accepted year-round from individuals, groups and organizations. If you or your organization would like to help us make a difference, send your tax-deductible contribution to: WDA Foundation, 6737 W. Washington St., Suite 2360, West Allis, WI 53214. Make checks payable to WDA Foundation and include Mission of Mercy in the memo line.

We provide $5-$7 in care for every $1 received.

If you know of a company or organization that may have grant funds available, please contact Lani Becker at 414-755-4114 or with the appropriate contact information. Thank you!


Mission of Mercy 2011

Mark your calendar!
Registration opens on in mid-March

Set up: June 23
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.; orientation dinner 6:30 p.m.
Treatment: June 24-25
6 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Tear down: June 26
8 a.m. - noon

Greenheck Field House
6400 Alderson St.
Weston (near Wausau)
View map

It's the smiles - not the miles - that make it a mission.


From volunteers

"Upon arrival this morning and down a quart on caffeine…a woman who had been waiting in line apparently overnight – stood, applauded and thanked each of us departing from the shuttle bus – what better way to begin a morning and solidify why I’m here."

"Just a wonderful experience – I will be back to volunteer again."

From patients

"A person’s smile can give them the self-confidence to take on the challenges of life and can bring out their creativity. I think this program is great and I would like to thank each of the volunteers for making us all a lot happier and healthier."
- Paul, Plymouth

"This was very helpful to us so we can all see the dentists and so we are not in pain all the time."
-Alexis, pediatric patient, Sheboygan

"It’s amazing all the selflessness you are all displaying.  Thank you for your time and generosity."
- Michele, Sheboygan

Hotel Accommodations

Several Wausau area hotels have allotted room blocks for volunteers at special discounted rates.

Visit for more information about the hotels.

This list will be updated as new hotels are added or vacancies are filled.


About MOM





Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more MOM updates. See our Flickr page and YouTube channel for photos and videos.


WDA staff program coordinator
Lani Becker
866-431-9625 (toll-free, direct)

Program chair
Dr. Jim Morgenroth

About the WDA Foundation

Established in 1957 as a charitable subsidiary of the Wisconsin Dental Association, the WDA Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.

Its mission is to improve oral health of Wisconsin residents through its support of projects that provide dental care for the disadvantaged while meeting the current and future needs of the dental profession.

Donations to the WDA Foundation are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. 

The foundation is, in large part, supported by WDA members; however, the cost associated with a large-scale project such as Mission of Mercy requires us to expand our donation base and solicit grants from industry-related and community sponsors, other foundations and local dental societies.

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