Officer & Trustee Elections

2023 WDA Trustee & Officer Term Chart 2022-2043 ADA 9th District Council Rotation Chart

Applications from nominees are being accepted for the Officer Corps and At-Large Trustee seat through June 1. 

Help guide the future and direction of your professional association by nominating yourself or a colleague for president-elect, vice president, editor, treasurer, speaker of the House, or for a regional or at-large trustee. Nominations for these seats are not permitted from the House floor. Please submit CV and application to Mark Paget at for vetting by the House Nominating Committee.

Officer Corps
 Deadline for submission of CV and application is June 1.

Term: President-elect, vice president and speaker of the House serve one year. These seats are elected by the House. The president-elect automatically advances to the presidency. The speaker serves a one-year term and can be re-elected indefinitely.

Member names can be submitted to the House Nominating Committee chair, your regional House Nominating Committee member (click for roster) or Mark Paget. Candidates are asked to complete an application and submit a professional letter of reference, their CV and a digital headshot. Candidates will be vetted by the House Nominating Committee and eligible members submitted to the House of Delegates for consideration and election.


Applications for regional trustee nominees are being accepted now through April 1. 

Members may nominate colleagues or themselves for trustee positions on the WDA Board. Candidates are asked to electronically submit a completed application, professional letter of reference, CV and headshot. They will be contacted by a House Nominating Committee member to be interviewed. Contact your region's House Nominating Committee member or Mark Paget with any questions.

Regional Trustee - Deadline for submission is April 1. Open regional trustee seats available include: Northeast Region 2, Southeast Region 4 and Southwest Region 5. This seat serves a three-year term with a maximum of two terms, vetted by the House Nominating Committee and elected by their respective region.

Incumbent trustees are eligible and wish to be considered candidates.

At-large Trustee - Deadline for submission is June 1. There will be one at-large seat elected at the House.  This seat serves a three-year term with a maximum of two terms, vetted by the House Nominating Committee and elected by the House of Delegates. An at-large seat does not hold any restrictions as to component. The only caveat per WDA Bylaws, there may not be more than four trustees serving from any one region at a given time. At this time, Greater Milwaukee Region 3 has four (4) trustees currently seated. 

Incumbent at-large trustee is eligible and wishes to be considered a candidate. 
Contact WDA Executive Director Mark Paget ( or 414-755-4100) to learn more.   

Regional Trustee Candidates:
Northeast Region 2

Dr. Eric Childs, Green Bay (Fox Valley) - Incumbent CV

Southeast Region 4

Dr. Kelly West, Grafton (Washington-Ozaukee) - Incumbent CV

Southwest Region 5

Dr. Tamim Sifri, Madison
(Greater Dane) - Incumbent CV

At-large Trustee Declared Candidate:

Dr. Andrew Smith, Milwaukee
(Greater Milwaukee) - Incumbent CV to come

Officer Declared Candidates:
President - AUTOMATIC

Dr. Chris Hansen, Two Rivers
 (Manitowoc Calumet) - CV


Dr. Thomas Reid, Madison
 (Greater Dane) - CV

Vice President

Dr. Rachel Steele, Black River Falls 
(LaCrosse) - CV to come

Speaker of the House

Dr. Monica Hebl, Milwaukee 
(Greater Milwaukee) - CV


ADA 9th DISTRICT DELEGATION - 2023 WI Delegation
Members wishing to be considered by the 2023 WDA House of Delegates to be elected to serve as a Wisconsin representative on the 9th District delegation to the 2024 ADA House of Delegates must submit a curriculum vitae to the WDA Executive office by October 9, 2023. Elected delegation members are required to attend the 9th District pre-caucus (September 11-12) and all 9th District and ADA House meetings held October 17-21 in New Orleans, Louisiana. For more information, contact Mark Paget at 414-755-4100 /


ADA COUNCILS - WI/MI Rotation Chart / Excerpt from ADA Governance Manual on Councils

ADA Council on Membership WI representative: Dr. Eric Childs, Green Bay
ADA Council on Dental Benefits WI representive: Dr. Paula Crum, Green Bay

COMING: Wisconsin has the opportunity to place one member on the ADA Council on Ethics, Bylaws & Judicial Affairs for a 4-year term of 2024-2028. Candidate is asked to submit a WDA leadership application, professional reference, CV, electronic headshot, ADA council specific nomination form and the ADA conflict of interest. Deadline for submission is January 1, 2024. House Nominating Committee will vet candidates. The WDA Board of Trustees will review the candidate during executive session at their February 2024 meeting and make recommendation to the ADA 9th District trustee. Term will begin at the close of 2024 ADA House and run until the close of 2028 ADA House. If you have any questions, please contact Mark Paget at 414-755-4100.  For more information on this council, you can visit; Click HERE.


Important Documents

Leadership Agreements
WDA Strategic Plan
Position Responsibilities/Expectations-Officers
Position Responsibilities_Expectations-Regional Trustee 
Position Responsibilities_Expectations-At-large Trustee
Self-Evaluation Officer Position