The Wisconsin Dental Association has 3,100 member dentists and a number of dental hygienists. With just 3,500 licensed dentists in the state, the WDA is the leading voice for dentistry in Wisconsin. WDA members are committed to promoting professional excellence and quality oral health care.

Established in 1870, the WDA is headquartered in West Allis and has a legislative office in Madison. The WDA is affiliated with the American Dental Association – the largest and oldest national dental association in the world.


Advance the interests of WDA members and the dental profession by promoting professional excellence and quality oral health care for the public.

Volunteer dentists serving as officers and regional trustees lead the organization and direct 18 employees in two offices (West Allis and Madison) to provide members with mission-supporting programs that advocate, educate, empower and serve.



Advocate for public policy on oral health care. WDA will be the advocate for quality oral health care in all public policy issues.


Educate the public on oral health and delivery of care. WDA will be recognized as the public’s authoritative source of oral health care information.


Empower its members and staff for organizational and member success. WDA will develop governance systems and business processes to empower its members, staff and partners for maximum organizational achievement and member effectiveness in association initiatives.


Serve our members. WDA will provide programs and services that its members agree provide them with real value.


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