The best dentist/patient relationships are built on trust as a result of open communication. If a problem has developed in that relationship, the Wisconsin Dental Association recommends the following:

  • If you are displeased with something your dentist has done, make an appointment to talk to the dentist openly about your concerns. Your dentist cannot correct a situation that is bothering you if you do not communicate directly with him or her. At the meeting, be prepared to state what the problem is and how you would like your dentist to handle it. Be clear about what you’re asking for so that your dentist doesn’t have to play guessing games.
  • Be open to suggested alternatives from your dentist. Because your dentist is familiar with your oral health conditions, he or she may be able to recommend a solution you have not considered. When discussing your concern(s) with your dentist, do so in a calm, non-accusatory manner. This will help promote the conflict resolution process.
  • Give your dentist time to consider the problem and suggested solution. If you are not able to resolve the conflict during your meeting, it is best to give the dentist time to consider a mutually acceptable solution for both of you. This may take several days or even a month or more, depending on the situation.

If you are still not satisfied after taking the above steps, you may contact the WDA by calling 414-276-4520 or completing the form below.

Please note that the WDA does not have a formal mediation or peer review program, and we do not review patient files. What we will do is contact the dentist on your behalf, share details of your complaint and ask them to work with you to resolve the matter. Additionally, we will offer other resources should the dentist choose not to respond.