The WDA has spent many years working to improve the state’s dental Medicaid program. However, dental patients enrolled in the state insurance programs (e.g., MA, BadgerCare, BadgerCare Plus) have the greatest influence in helping legislators understand the difficulty in accessing dental care.

Residents need to voice their frustrations and complaints to their state Senate and Assembly representatives (see contact information under “Who Are My Legislators?” section below) and Department of Health Services, which administers the MA programs.

How to effectively communicate with legislators

Elected officials want and need to hear from their constituents. Here are some tips for effective phone, written and email communications:

  • Written letters and email messages
    • Address correspondence to The Honorable (full name)
    • State in the first paragraph why you are writing (e.g., your ongoing concerns about the lack of priority given to fund dental care promised under the state’s MA program)
    • Be courteous, but to-the-point
    • Include key information and personal experiences or examples that support your position
    • Address only one issue in each letter or email message
    • Try to keep written letters to one page
  • Telephone calls
    • Phone calls are generally taken by a legislative staff member; ask to speak to the aide who handles the issue you are calling about
    • Identify yourself and tell the aide you want to leave a brief message, such as, “Please tell Senator/Representative (name) that I support/oppose (bill/issue).”
    • Briefly explain your support or opposition and ask for your senator’s/representative’s position on the issue
    • You also may request a written response to your call

Sample letter templates

Many BadgerCare Plus recipients are confused and frustrated by the program. If you are one of these patients, tell your local state representative(s).

The WDA has developed letter templates for you to customize and send to your legislator(s) as another way to explain how a system that was supposed to help all Wisconsin residents has, in some instances, actually hindered their ability to access care.

All letters are in Microsoft Word format for easy customizing and editing.

Who are my legislators?

Click on the following link and enter your voting address to find contact information for your state and federal legislators: