Charitable Assistance Fund is specifically designed to assist dentists and dental families who are facing financial difficulty due to accidental injury, a medical or psychological condition, addiction, disability or advanced age.This program is available solely to assist dentists and is not available to the general public.

Charitable Assistance Fund Categories:

Relief Grants

Dentists, their dependents and former dependents of deceased members of the dental profession are eligible to apply for financial aid through a Relief Grant, if, because of misfortune, age or other disabling conditions, they are not wholly self-sustaining. These grants are paid out monthly to approved applicants. Grant terms are limited to one-year with a maximum of 3 terms.

Emergency Grants

The purpose of the Emergency Grant is to provide a small measure of immediate financial assistance to qualified eligible beneficiaries who are victims of a serious situation or occurrence. Disasters can be both natural and caused by human conduct. Examples include, but are not necessarily limited to: sudden illness with no medical insurance, sudden death with no financial resources remaining for the spouse, civil disorders (excluding acts of war), explosions, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, forest fires and hurricanes.This is a one-time grant payment.

Emergency Grants are also available for dentists who need financial assistance to pay for an initial consultation related to depression, addiction or other similar well-being issues if not covered by health-insurance. This is a one-time grant payment that is sent directly to the treatment provider.  It is not released to the impacted dentist or the dentist’s family.

For Complete Rules, Guidelines and Limitations, please contact Vicki Bohman, WDA Foundation Executive Director at 414-755-4198, 800-364-7646 or email to

Submission of a grant application does not guarantee approval. All decisions of the WDA Foundation are final.