Have questions about hosting an event that benefits the WDA Foundation? 

Who should I contact with questions?

Contact Vicki Bohman, executive direction of the WDA Foundation:

800-364-7646 (toll free)

414-755-4198 (direct)

414-755-4199 (fax)

[email protected] (e-mail)

Does the WDA Foundation provide insurance for my event?

The Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation does not assume any liability for an event conducted on its behalf and therefore cannot provide insurance. Third-party event organizers are responsible for any and all liability incurred through the event.

Will the WDA Foundation provide promotional materials for my event or send press releases/solicit media coverage?

The WDA Foundation is unable to provide design service, write or distribute press releases or solicit media coverage on your behalf. You may contact the media, but must inform your WDA Foundation contact prior to doing so. You may use the Foundation logo in promotional materials with approval as indicated below.

Will the WDA Foundation provide items for my auction or pay expenses for my event?

The WDA Foundation cannot financially support third-party community fundraisers. Event organizers are responsible for securing items and financing the event. They are also responsible for all expenses incurred.The foundation can provide you with a letter of endorsement that can be modified for your organization and used as you seek support for your auction, fundraiser or project.

Be sure you have considered a workable budget so you do not find yourself owing money after the event is complete.

Are we allowed to host a raffle at our event?

Per Wisconsin state law, the WDA Foundation cannot provide or “lend” our raffle license to your event. You may host a raffle only if you hold a valid raffle license which is compliant with the regulations of the Wisconsin Department of Gaming.

Will the WDA Foundation issue tax receipts to my donors?

The WDA Foundation will provide a tax receipt only for those donations that meet IRS standards. If the donation is in the form of a check or money order it must be made payable to the Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation or WDA Foundation. Credit card donations must be made directly to the foundation. Legally, we cannot provide gift acknowledgements to participants of the event who have made gifts to you or any other organization. (Example: You are charging a fee for an event. A participant pays with a check that is made out to you or your company/dental office. You cash the check and then make out a new check to the WDA Foundation. This is technically NOT a donation to the WDA Foundation by the participant, but rather a payment to you. Therefore, the foundation cannot provide a tax receipt.)

To be considered a donation, how should checks be written?

Checks must be made payable to The Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation or the WDA Foundation to be legally considered a donation for tax purposes.

Will the WDA Foundation provide mailing lists for my event?

The WDA Foundation is unable to provide mailing lists for third-party events.

Will the WDA Foundation provide volunteers for my event?

The WDA Foundation is unable to assist with providing and/or coordinating volunteers for your event. Event organizers are responsible for soliciting all volunteers.

Will someone from the WDA Foundation help me plan and run my event?

The WDA Foundation is happy to provide general support materials and answer questions but, due to staffing constraints, we are unable to provide custom materials or help you manage the event.

Can I use the WDA Foundation’s name and logo in my publicity for the event?

Yes, but only after the fundraising event has been approved and you have signed the required agreement. The WDA Foundation will provide you with a logo that can be used in your promotional materials. Any and all materials that include the provided logo or use the name of the WDA Foundation and/or any of its programs must be sent to the foundation for review before the material is printed or distributed. This includes use in websites and/or social media as well as printed materials.

When should I submit my fundraising event proposal?

It is recommended that you submit your proposal as early as possible. You will be contacted by e-mail within 10 business days with a decision. Submission of a proposal does not guarantee approval. We cannot endorse fundraisers that are in conflict with the ethics of the WDA Foundation or are considered controversial in nature. We reserve the right to review and request additional information before providing a decision.

Will the WDA Foundation lend their Federal Tax Status Number, State Tax Exempt Number or Raffle License to our event?

Unfortunately, the WDA Foundation is prohibited from allowing a third-party event to use any of its legal or tax exempt status designations.