A planned gift gives you the opportunity to make a contribution at a later date without affecting your current savings.

By naming the WDA Foundation in your will or as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, IRA, 401(k), retirement plan or charitable trust, you are providing for the future of dentistry while creating a personal legacy in your profession. Typically, a planned gift includes a percentage of the donor’s estate to be contributed to the charity after his or her family is provided for.

Your planned gift also makes you eligible for membership in the WDA Foundation Legacy Society, which honors those who have joined the foundation to create a tradition of improving oral health for Wisconsin’s future.

The society is our way of thanking those who have shown their forethought in providing for the the oral needs of generations to come.

The foundation needs no personal information at the time of your induction into the legacy society. After you have designated your planned gift through your attorney or financial planner, all that is required is a completed letter of intent returned to the foundation.

In addition to being listed as a WDA Foundation Legacy Society member, you also will receive a small token of our appreciation.

The WDA Foundation Legacy Society

The following individuals have provided for the future of the WDA Foundation through their planned giving:

Joseph A. Best, DDS, PhD
Susan M. Cable, DDS
Mr. Kenneth Crane
Dr. Timothy & Susan Durtsche
Leo J. Groth, DDS
Monica M. Hebl, DDS
Mr. Dennis J. McGuire
James C. Morgenroth, DDS
Anthony M. Sciascia, DDS
Steven J. Stoll, DDS
Dr. Loren & Judy Swanson
Christine Tempas, DDS
Thomas A. & Jane B. Witkowski

The WDA Foundation is unable to provide potential donors with tax advice. Please contact your attorney or tax advisor for specific benefits of a planned gift.