Stocks and securities

A gift of stock can greatly benefit you and the WDA Foundation.

If the stock has increased in value from the time of purchase, you may be able to avoid paying the capital gains tax by donating the security to the foundation. In addition, the total amount of the donation could be eligible for a tax deduction.

For stocks that have decreased in value, you may wish to sell the securities first and make your gift with the proceeds. This will allow you to deduct the capital loss when preparing your taxes.

For specific details on how to make a donation of stock, please click here for Stock Transfer Instructions or contact WDA Foundation Executive Director Vicki Bohman at 414-755-4198 or For information on tax advantages, please contact your attorney or tax advisor.


Special event items

During the year, the WDA Foundation hosts a variety of fundraising events that need your support to be successful. Everyone who makes a gift of an item will receive acknowledgement and may claim the donation on their income taxes based on the most current tax code.

Please check this page often for needed donations for upcoming events.

The WDA Foundation is unable to provide potential donors with tax advice.