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Mission of Mercy 2018 goals

Exposition Center at Wisconsin State Fair Park 8200 W. Greenfield Ave. West Allis, WI 53214
June 22 and 23, 2018

  • 2,000 patient visits
  • $1 million in care
  • 1,000+ volunteers


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MOM facts

U.S. Surgeon General recognizes oral health as an integral part of a person’s total health, with the dentist being the primary oral health care provider.

Goals of the Wisconsin Dental Association and WDA Foundation Mission of Mercy:

  1. Provide free, critical dental care with a high priority on treating patients in pain and with infections.
  2. Raise public awareness of the barriers to dental care faced by low-income adults and children.
  3. Challenge patients, policymakers and dental professionals to work together to make viable and bipartisan “Healthy Choices” that will improve Wisconsin residents’ oral health.

The ninth WDA Mission of Mercy will be held June 22 – 23, 2018 at the Exposition Center at Wisconsin State Fair Park 8200 W. Greenfield Ave. West Allis, WI 53214. Setup is June 21 and teardown is June 23.

  • An estimated $1 million in charitable care and personal oral hygiene education provided during 2,000 patient visits.
  • Care offered includes cleanings, fillings, extractions and partial dentures.
  • Education is the most cost-effective way to reduce oral disease. This year, all MOM patients will be required to visit an enhanced education area to learn about the importance of good daily oral hygiene practices, healthy diet and routine preventive dental care.
  • Doors open at 5:30 a.m. There are no appointments. Patients are treated on a first-come, first-served basis. Early arrival is encouraged with the day’s patient quota often filled by 10 a.m.
  • Adults and children of all ages with limited financial resources or otherwise unable to visit a dental office and who do not have a medically-compromising condition that prohibits safely receiving care are welcome.
  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Photo identification, Social Security number or other personal identification/documentation NOT required.
  • Some 1,000 volunteer dentists, dental hygienists and assistants, lab technicians, Marquette University School of Dentistry students and residents from across Wisconsin will help.
  • More than 13,715 children and adults have now received in excess of $9.18 million in donated care at WDA Mission of Mercy events since 2009.

While we are unable to provide care at MOM to patients with medically compromising conditions (e.g., extremely high blood pressure, severe disabilities), arrangements have been made to treat 50 pre-screened Special Olympics Wisconsin athletes.

Tax deductible financial donations and in-kind contributions may be made through the WDA Foundation to help cover $212,000 in costs for dental equipment and facility rental, supplies, pharmaceuticals and food at WDA MOM.

  • For every $1 in financial and in-kind donations, MOM volunteers donate $6 – $8 in needed care.
  • Major financial and in-kind support in 2018 is provided by Delta Dental of Wisconsin Charitable Fund and Henry Schein Dental, along with other organizations and individuals.

Dentists do serve their communities, but charity is not a sufficient health care system for meeting the needs of individuals with limited financial resources, including the 1 million (20 percent) Wisconsin residents who annually receive medical assistance.

  • Of $7.1 billion state and federal governments spent on the Wisconsin Medicaid program in fiscal year 2011, less than 1 percent ($65.2 million) was spent on dentistry.
  • State fee-for-service MA data shows $189.8 million in dental care was actually provided to enrollees. State and federal governments paid just $65.2 million (34 percent) for the care patients received with participating dentists donating the balance of $124.6 million in services. The dental community donates more in care than is paid for by the state and federal governments combined.

Ensuring residents have proper dental care is important to our state economically and socially.

Preventive care and early treatment of oral disease saves money, pain and time in the dental chair.



For each WDA Mission of Mercy event, funds are needed to help cover dental equipment and facility rental, supplies, pharmaceuticals and food costs. For every $1 received we are able to provide $6 – $8 in needed care.



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About the WDA and WDA Foundation

The WDA has 3,000 member dentists and a number of dental hygienists. With just 3,500 licensed dentists in the state, the WDA is the leading voice for dentistry in Wisconsin. WDA members are committed to promoting professional excellence and quality oral health care. Established in 1870, the WDA is headquartered in West Allis and has a legislative office in Madison. The WDA is affiliated with the American Dental Association – the largest and oldest national dental association in the world.

WDA Foundation Logo

As the philanthropic arm of the Wisconsin Dental Association, the WDA Foundation is committed to making a difference by improving the oral health of Wisconsin residents through its support of projects that provide dental care for the disadvantaged while meeting the current and future needs of the dental profession.


Oral health story ideas

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For media inquiries and assistance, please contact:

Christine Dunbeck
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