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Patient testimonials

“Thank you for the opportunity to have clean teeth and to enjoy the sunrise. I appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the time to put together such a helpful and well organized event. Thanks again!” – Nichole from West Allis

A+” – Jose from Milwaukee

“Thank Dr. Les and Ms. Beth. Thank you so much for being here and talking me through. If it wasn’t for this I would be in pain forever. Thank you! God Bless!”– Valerie from Racine

“Thank you for this free opportunity to have better dental health for low-income families. Please do them more often!” – Laura from West Allis

“Very sweet! The most pleasant dental experience of my life. Everybody here was wonderful. Even camping in line was fun. If the rest of my life goes as good as this was then it is possible that I will be happy. For everyone giving their time for me, it was very much appreciated. Thank you for everything! You are awesome people.” – Jessica from Milwaukee

“This was an amazing event! Thanks for your hard work and dedication.” – Zonea from Milwaukee

“I would like to thank WDA and the volunteers for allowing this event to become possible. For the simple fact that a lot of people really need it.” – Isreal from West Allis

“I am forever grateful for the smile brought back to my life. Thank you!” –Felicia from Milwaukee

“I’ve been without care for so long. This opportunity really is a blessing. Everyone was so nice.” – Anonymous

“I appreciate your time and effort to serve our community.” – Richard from Brown Deer

“Thank you for volunteering for your time!” – Natalie from Waukesha

“Thank you everyone for taking the time to help those in need and for giving me my smile back. Everyone one was so professional and caring.” – Joe from Milwaukee

Legislator testimonials

“There is clearly a need and some people probably have pain that they’ve been dealing with months upon years and are willing to stand in line on a Friday in some cases overnight. Why are people not getting adequate dental care? What do we need to do at the government level for reimbursement? What do we need to make sure these patients are getting the care they need and don’t have to go to extremes to get what they need. A lot of it is about the Medicaid reimbursement rate it does bring that urgency and to see if there’s something we can do from the state level .” -Sen. Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee)

“I didn’t realize the extent of the work that can be done onsite. It’s more thorough than I would have expected. Some people have traveled entire distances and some have waited overnight. I’ve heard from the dentists that serve the Medicaid community that we probably should be focusing more on preventative care by the time they get to see some of the individuals they are past preventative care and it can lead to more costly care. It’s great to see and I appreciate all the volunteers that are here.”Rep. Dan Knodl (R-Germantown)

“I’m amazed at the amounts of volunteer dentists and hygienists who are basically taking normal working day off to volunteer and come by and help people that are in need of some serious dental work in some cases. They should be applauded. It’s a highly valuable thing for Wisconsin.”Rep. Paul Tittl (R-Manitowoc)