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Patient testimonials

“As a previous volunteer and patient I continue to spread the word about MOM and the wonderful work they do. Thank you for volunteering your time to help those in need. You’re all truly a blessing! Thank you. “- Johanna from Stevens Point

“Thank you so much for everything. I was able to get dental help that I cannot afford due to other medical issues. Everyone was so nice.” Barbara from Shawano

“Thank you for the amazing work your time and talents are appreciated and don’t go without notice. Not enough “thank you’s” could ever express our gratitude.” – Pauline from Appleton

“You made me feel very comfortable, cause I haven’t seen a dentist in years had bad experience with dentist with I was young.”Marie from Sheboygan

 ”Thank you for your acts of kindness and compassion for the community. It gives me hope that there is still love in this world, especially for those of us who are less fortunate.” – Pai from Eau Claire

“A huge thank you goes out to everyone involved. You have touched so many lives today and helped many people that don’t have the care needed. All of you truly have wings.” – April from Chippewa Falls

Legislator testimonials

 “I learned that there is a tremendous need out there for dental care especially among the working poor. People that can’t afford to go to the dentist, so this does help and get them that care that they need. This is an amazing, amazing event. And to see so many people volunteering is heartwarming and it’s really quite an operation.”Sen. Terry Moulton (R – Chippewa Falls)

“I just think that it’s really important that people have good dental care and I know a lot of people can’t afford it. I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve had good dental care, but I’ve also had periodontal disease, so I can really identify with what they’re going through and it’s just seeing how much people appreciate the time and effort that goes into this and how good it makes them feel knowing that their dental health is getting taken care of. I think it’s really rewarding to come and observe and help. It’s great to do.” Sen. Janis Ringhand (D – Evansville)

“I think this is probably the most impressive operation that I’ve ever witnessed in my life…. How you can take somebody and pull their teeth out today and before the day is done and walk out of here with a smile on their face. It’s unbelievable and I hope next year if you can give me a call, I’d love to volunteer and see how it works in with my schedule. This has been an eye opener like I’ve never seen before. You guys are doing a super job.”Rep. James Edming (D – Evansville)

“It’s so encouraging to see people at their very best. And, that’s what I saw today – Selfless people sharing their talents and time. This event makes me happy as a representative of the people to know we can be successfully when hundreds of volunteers come together for a cause. It is a community win-win. As legislators, we need to focus on helping people get needed care and more preventive care. MOM underlines this because you see people who have waited too long. Everyone we can do to be proactive is needed.”State Rep. Warren Petryk (R-Eleva)

“There are so many people who don’t have dental care in Wisconsin. This event gives residents an opportunity to have problems fixed. It is improving the community’s health. The more I have been at MOM events, the more I see how it impacts people’s lives.”State Rep. Gary Tauchen (R-Bonduel)