Many think if they don’t have dental insurance, they can’t visit the dentist. Those who plan accordingly can realize long-term savings that routine dental exams and cleanings provide when problems are detected early.

Personal household budgeting is an effective way to save for dental care. Just like people budget for gas and groceries, heat and electricity, TV and phone service, setting aside a little money each month into a designated account for dental care allows them to get the care they need – without insurance.

The WDA Own Your Smile message highlights the affordability and value of choosing a healthy smile over other lifestyle expenditures.

Prevention includes regular visits to your dentist, which can identify and halt disease in its earliest stages and save money in the long run, good daily oral hygiene at home and limited consumption of sugary snacks and acidic soft drinks (regular and diet).

The WDA also maintains a list of low-cost dental clinics throughout the state as a public service.