Beverages and snacks will be provided throughout the event from setup on Thursday through teardown on Sunday.

We’ll have filtered water coolers (not individual bottles of water) and provide cups and lids. You are welcome to bring your own refillable water bottle. Please note only water is allowed on the clinic floor and the container MUST have a cover/lid, no exceptions.

Donuts, coffee and lunch will be provided during setup. Pizza is on the menu for Thursday evening’s orientation dinner.

Breakfast and lunch will be available in the volunteer break room on Friday and Saturday.  The space can seat about 25 percent of MOM volunteers at a time, so please rotate your breaks and meals. But, be sure to take breaks and eat! 

Friday dinner is at The Coliseum just two blocks from the Alliant Energy Center. Piano Fondue will entertain us beginning at 7 p.m., so plan to unwind after a long, rewarding day.

Saturday night dinner will be served in the Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center. Our photographers will share a special 2012 WDA MOM slide show.