Can dentists delegate the use of lasers by dental hygienists?

In March 2012, the Dentistry Examining Board approved a position statement allowing den­tists to delegate the use of lasers by dental hygienists as an adjunct to scaling and root planing. Training is required, including a hands-on proficiency course provided by a recognized continuing education sponsor. Documentation of proof of training should be maintained. Visit… Continue Reading Can dentists delegate the use of lasers by dental hygienists?

Eyewear and preferred instruments and materials

All clinicians should bring protective eye wear. To help make your volunteer experience as enjoyable as possible, please bring any specific instruments or materials that you prefer working with. There is a process in place to help ensure you get your personal instruments back after they have been sterilized. If possible, please bring your instruments… Continue Reading Eyewear and preferred instruments and materials

Dental stools

Dental stools will be available for every dentist and hygienist working in restorative, endodontics and hygiene, but there aren’t enough for all of the assistants. So, please consider bringing a stool or two from your office, especially if you have one that is a comfortable favorite.

Patient flow

The patient flow document explains how patients move through the clinic and how return visits will be handled. This is a must read for every volunteer! It’s very important that everyone understand how patients will move through the clinic.

Department protocols

Department protocols differ for each area and must be followed closely. Please review the following protocols for the department(s) you will be working in: Dental triage Endodontics Exit interview Hygiene Lab Medical triage Needle Needlestick testing Numbing Oral surgery Patient ambassador Patient flow Pediatric Prosthodontics Radiology Restorative Special Olympics Contact your department lead(s) with any… Continue Reading Department protocols

Floor plan

The draft floor plan is the map we expect to use when setting up the clinic, but sometimes things need to change a bit once onsite. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility. Those attending Thursday night’s orientation dinner will have an opportunity to tour the entire clinic.