Research has consistently shown fluoride helps prevent dental caries. This naturally-occurring mineral has a systemic and topical effect that remineralizes enamel and has some anti-bacterial properties.

Unfortunately, not all Wisconsin residents live in areas where the public water supply is fluoridated.

The American Dental Association continues to support the use of dietary fluoride supplements for children from six months to 16 years old who live in areas not optimally fluoridated and at high-risk for dental caries.

In 2012, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry revised  fluoride supplement dose guidelines and recommends fluoride supplements for children drinking water with fluoride levels less than 0.6 parts per million.

Talk with your dentist to determine if fluoride supplements are needed for your child and what the correct dose should be based on the child’s age and the natural fluoride concentration in your local drinking water.

If needed, the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene provides test kits to analyze

home water fluoride content for those not on a fluoridated water system. Call 800-443-4618 to order a sampling kit.