A license issued by the DEB is necessary to practice dentistry in Wisconsin. However, there are limited exceptions to this requirement listed in Section 447.03, Wis. Stats.

For students in specified training situations, instructors, dental residents at hospitals accredited for dental residency, etc. Verify that an exception applies before relying upon it.

Dentists must register with the DEA to prescribe or dispense any controlled substance (e.g., prescription painkillers) in connection with a practice. A dentist who only prescribes medications which are not controlled substances (e.g., antibiotics) would not have to register with the DEA.

Controlled substances may only be prescribed or dispensed in the course of a dental procedure.

For example, a narcotic-based painkiller could be prescribed for a relative who was also a patient and for whom it was warranted as a result of a procedure performed.

However, the same medication cannot be prescribed to a relative that was not treated as a patient.