You may wear any type of pants or long shorts that you are comfortable in, except no short shorts please! The building is air conditioned, but there will be approximately 2,000 people inside at any given time so temperatures will vary. Bring a sweater or wear long sleeves if you are prone to getting cold. 

Comfortable shoes are a must! Most of your day will probably be spent standing or walking on concrete floors which is hard on feet and legs. No open-toed shoes (includes sandals and flip flops) are allowed on the clinic floor for safety. Please don’t make us have to ask you to leave. Wear closed-toed shoes. Thank you for your cooperation. 

All volunteers will be provided with 2012 WDA Mission of Mercy tops to help identify our workers from among the crowd of patients, visiting public officials and news media. Being in “Bucky country” means there was only one logical color choice for 2012 WDA Mission of Mercy wear  – red with white printing! There are some exceptions to help everyone quickly identify the difference between clinical and general volunteers, translators and department leads authorized to make decisions about the running of the clinic. 

During Thursday, WDA MOM State Committee department leads will be in red and white tie-dyed T-shirts. Ask someone in a tie- dyed shirt how you can help set up.

On clinic days:

  • Red polo shirts = department lead
  • White polo shirts = department seconds
  • Red scrub tops = dentists, hygienists, and assistants
  • Black scrub tops = dental students
  • Yellow T-shirts = translators
  • Orange T-shirts = dental equipment technicians
  • Red T-shirts = all other volunteers