The WDA developed a Best Management Practices brochure on how to manage dental office waste. It includes a contact sheet on various vendors in the state that are licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to assist you in your recycling needs.

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On December 15, 2016 the EPA signed the final rule on a national amalgam separator mandate requiring all dental offices that place or remove amalgam to install amalgam separators. The rule became effective July 14, 2017 and compliance for most dentists will be July 14, 2020. Offices must submit a One-Time Compliance Report to the DNR or their local municipal pretreatment program if located in one, by Oct. 12, 2020. The WDA was informed in 2018 that the Department of Natural Resources is currently working on developing a state mandate for all who work with amalgam to abide by, not just dental offices.  In 2019, the Department of Natural Resources published a statement of scope with a timeframe being proposed to be effective by October 12, 2020 that all dental offices be in compliance. If the rule is not effective by that date, the Department is authorized to implement and enforce the federal dental rule, according to s. NR 211.34, Wis. Adm. Code. The Department anticipated holding one public hearing in the month of July 2020 on the matter.

Additional information can be via the ADA website at

As an ADA member, the ADA offers HealthFirst’s Amalgam Recovery Program which provides members a savings up to 33% off MSRP for purchasing an amalgam separator. Contact HealthFirst at 888-963-6787.

Continue to monitor WDA updates on the progress of the amalgam separator mandate in Wisconsin.