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Out-of-state EFDAs can now apply to work in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Dentistry Examining Board shared last week that the Emergency Rule for Expanded Function Dental Auxiliaries (EFDA) has been published and is now in effect for a year. This means that anyone who qualifies as an EFDA can now apply to be certified and work in Wisconsin. As there are no training programs in Wisconsin yet, this will primarily apply to out-of-state EFDAs for now. Applications are available on the DSPS website.

This is an exciting dental workforce update, especially for dentists who work near the Illinois and Minnesota borders. You may now be easily able to hire an EFDA from Illinois or Minnesota who is willing to be certified in Wisconsin and work for your dental practice.

The Wisconsin Technical College System is now working on EFDA training curriculum, however this process could take several months before students are admitted. We will update you on any new developments.

For any questions about these EFDA updates, contact the WDA’s Madison office at 888-538-8932.

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