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   Wisconsin Dental Politcal Action Committee




For more than 30 years, the Wisconsin Dental Political Action Committee (WIDPAC) has helped legislators, governors, and other state-level officials who are friends of dentistry get elected and re-elected to public office. WIDPAC is funded entirely by the contributions of member dentists. These investments are critical to WDA’s efforts to influence legislation and regulatory matters impacting your profession, your patients and the delivery of oral health care in Wisconsin.

There are two ways to contribute:

  • WIDPAC funds are kept in one large account and used at the discretion of the WIDPAC Board. Funds go to state-level candidates – regardless of party affiliation – who are proven supporters of oral health, as well as those in leadership positions.
  • WDA’s Direct Giver program puts the money entirely in your control. Your donation goes into a non-interest bearing account and – upon your approval – is disbursed to specific state- and federal-level candidates running in Wisconsin.

Contributions can be given all at once or spread out monthly. All amounts are gratefully accepted. Special recognition amounts include:

  • $25 - Student
  • $75 - Spouse
  • $100 - First 5 years out of school
  • $200 - Advocate
  • $500 - Leadership Circle
  • $1,000 - President's Club
  • $1,500 - Silver Club
  • $2,000 - Gold Club
All politics is local and the WDA views its role provide information to individual member dentists who want to get involved in the political process and get to know their elected officials, regardless of the political affiliation of the candidate for whom the event is being held.

For more information or to contribute by phone or U.S. mail, call 888-538-8932.



Disclaimer: The WDA Direct Giver program consists of funds deposited by individual member dentists. Corporate campaign contributions are strictly prohibited in Wisconsin and there are no funds from annual dues in the Direct Giver program. The WDA does not “endorse” any candidate for public office – the sole purpose of this website is to inform member dentists when there are events being hosted by their dental colleagues and/or events in their area of the state. The goal is to provide the information and to let each individual member decide whether or not he or she wishes to contribute his or her personal Direct Giver funds to a dentist-hosted event and/or a local event for an elected official.