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State government plays a vital role in how you practice dentistry every day. From taxation, insurance and regulation to scope of practice, workforce and licensing, the Legislature makes decisions affecting every aspect of the dental profession in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Dental Political Action Committee (WIDPAC) pools financial contributions from WDA dentists and directs them to state-level candidates with solid records of supporting dentistry and oral health. Positive relationships established through WIDPAC have helped position the WDA as a trusted, dental-positive resource for state lawmakers and create a political environment where dentists are asked about, listened to and valued for their public policy views.

WIDPAC support is not tied to party affiliation. We support candidates and lawmakers who support us. WIDPAC exists to help safeguard against counter-productive legislation and to ensure that the Wisconsin Dental Association has a constant, prominent presence at the State Capitol. When lawmakers in Madison address issues affecting the practice of dentistry, WIDPAC is hard at work making your voice heard.

Two ways you can join WIDPAC

By law, WDA membership dues cannot be used to support political candidates. WIDPAC giving is funded entirely by the voluntary individual contributions of member dentists. There are two ways you can participate:  

  • WIDPAC Unrestricted Giving: Funds are kept in one large account and used at the discretion of the WIDPAC Board to support state-level candidates who are proven supporters of oral health, as well as those in leadership positions.

Contribute to WIDPAC

  • Direct Giver: Your contribution goes into a non-interest bearing account and, upon your approval, is disbursed to specific state candidates – keeping your money in your control.

Contribute to Direct Giver

Wisconsin law requires that PAC contributions come from individuals only – your contribution must come from a personal account and not a business or organization. You can choose to give once a year, or make monthly contributions.

All contribution amounts are welcome. The following levels receive special recognition, including a dated lapel pin, dedicated WIDPAC communications and WDA Journal and WDA.org listings.

  • Bronze: $50
  • Silver: $250
  • Gold: $500
  • Platinum: $1,000+


WIDPAC Successes

Positive lawmaker relationships built through WIDPAC have made the WDA a leader in oral health advocacy. Legislative victories made possible by WIDPAC include:

  • Passage of Assignment of Benefits legislation, putting patients – not insurance companies – in charge of their dental benefits. (2024)
  • Entering Wisconsin into the Interstate Dentist and Dental Hygienist Compact, supporting license portability by authorizing states to coordinate standards to allow qualified dentists and dental hygienists to practice across state lines (2024)
  • New scholarships for Marquette University School of Dentistry students who agree to practice in Wisconsin dental health shortage areas upon graduation, keeping more dentists in Wisconsin and serving vulnerable populations (2024)
  • Inclusion of $20 million in the 2023-24 State Budget to train more dental professionals at Wisconsin technical colleges (2023)
  • Authorization of Expanded Function Dental Auxiliaries (2022)
  • Passage of historic 40% dental Medicaid reimbursement increase (2022)
  • Passage of Wisconsin’s first dental Medicaid Pilot Program, which increased Medicaid reimbursement rates in 4 counties (Brown, Marathon, Polk and Racine) and is still in effect today (2016)
  • Authorization of charity care licensing for out-of-state providers (2014)
  • Establishment of a common informed consent standard for specialty healthcare providers, including dentists (2014)
  • Enactment of non-covered services legislation that prevents dental insurance companies from setting fees for services they don’t cover (2013)
  • Updates to Wisconsin’s dental scope of practice to reflect the American Dental Association definition of dentistry (2013)
  • Regulation of mobile dental clinics (2012)



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Disclaimer: The WDA Direct Giver program consists of funds deposited by individual member dentists. Corporate campaign contributions are strictly prohibited in Wisconsin and there are no funds from annual dues in the Direct Giver program. The WDA does not “endorse” any candidate for public office – the sole purpose of this website is to inform member dentists when there are events being hosted by their dental colleagues and/or events in their area of the state. The goal is to provide the information and to let each individual member decide whether or not he or she wishes to contribute his or her personal Direct Giver funds to a dentist-hosted event and/or a local event for an elected official.